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A New Old Town: What Is Your Vision?

Anton Gorlenko, Art of Swimming (2014) – perspective view of the diving pool in Coram Fields

Takero Shimazaki and Ana Araujo

Over our years of research, Intermediate 2 has unearthed the poetics of the tactile as well as sensual architecture, often through careful study of the history of places.

This year’s focus will be the historic town of Aldermaston, Berkshire and the Aldermaston Park, a vacant estate that sits in close proximity to the Atomic Weapons Establishment plant. We will study the buildings that occupy the town and estate as well as the landscape and the garden walls. From here, strategies will be devised to re-imagine Aldermaston as a new town with a prominent role in today’s British and international scene.

The average Aldermaston resident is approximately 50 years old. Based on this demographic we will transform the town in a pioneering resort for the ageing population. Learning from other similarly visionary projects, such as the Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans in France (1770s) and Cheltenham Spa in England (1820s), we will create an architectural setting to shape a new community and lifestyle.

Despite a tendency to rely on memories and tradition, British culture is also known for its innovative and eccentric inclinations. As such, Aldermaston offers a fitting environment for rethinking and re-branding old age through architecture.

Our goal is not only to transform Aldermaston into a fresh, exciting, elegant and dignified setting for the elderly, but also to challenge the social taboo with which ageing is currently associated.

How can we do this?

What is your vision?

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