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Fuzhou Shouxi Building

NEXT realizes an apartment complex in the shape of Shouxi stone. The project is located on a complicated site, in the old city center of Fuzhou, the capital of the Fujian Province.
Photo: © NEXT Architects
With an FAR (Floor Area Ratio) of 5.0 and many limiting conditions, a U-shaped floor plan manifested itself as optimum. The program required 400 apartments of 45-110 m2 in size, which could result in a staggering mass of identical units; to prevent this, variety and diversity is created by manipulating the balconies around the building.
Photo: © NEXT Architects
Like the famous local “seal stone” or “shouxi stone,” the balconies are crafted around the main building volume. This crafting creates a wide variety of individual apartments, each with their different exterior space. On the ground floor, between the U-shaped volume, a collective “living room” for all inhabitants is created.
Photo: © NEXT Architects
Fuzhou Shouxi building was awarded the Gold Medal Chinese Architectural Housing Design Competition 2012.
Photo: © NEXT Architects
Photo: © NEXT Architects
Photo: © NEXT Architects
Photo: © NEXT Architects


Project name: Fuzhou Shouxi building
Type / Program / Purpose: Apartment building, commercial space, underground parking
Location: Fuzhou, China
Floor area: 48,000 sqm
Completion: 2015
Client: Citychamp Real Estate
Architect: NEXT Architects
Team: John van de Water, Jiang Xiaofei with Wopke Tjipke Schaafstal ,Wang
Bo, Wang Yan, Zhou Tong, Yu Peng, Yin Ya Ling, Jiang Ci Ai, Liu Feng
Qin, Ren Wan Ting

Image: © NEXT Architects
Image: © NEXT Architects
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