U-Haul International Alvernon Heights Storage Facility Phase I


U-Haul International Alvernon Heights Storage Facility Phase I

Owner: AMERCO Real Estate

Architect: AMERCO Real Estate

Contract Dates: July 2017 – March 2018

Type of Work: Retail renovation

Location of Work: Tucson, AZ

$ 0
Project Value

Scope of Work: Project included a full renovation of an existing bowling alley facility (28,132 SF) transformed into a New Interior Climate Controlled Storage Unit Facility. Demolition of bowling lanes, wood flooring, interior walls, ceiling and fixtures, concrete and masonry walls/columns.

New work entailed pouring over 18,000 SF of new concrete floor, which was polished and sealed, new fire protection system throughout, 2 new restrooms, plumbing throughout, new mechanical system, new electrical system and lighting upgrades, new entrance doors and facade, exterior building imaging and 292 interior metal storage units (20,430 SF) with security alarm systems and video surveillance throughout facility.

Project was a huge success, on schedule, within budget and considered one of U-Haul International’s first climate controlled storage facility in Tucson, AZ utilizing an existing structure for complete renovation. A5 Des+Con was honorably public recognized and named U-Haul International’s preferred contactor of the year with the City of Tucson’s Chamber of Commerce.

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