A5 Design and Construction’s project and construction experience on design-build projects for past calendar year are as follows:

Golden Leaf Wellness Medical M Dispensary T.I.

Owner: Balvan, LLC
Balvan, LLC

Architect: Architekshon, Inc.
Architekshon, Inc.

Contract Dates: 05/2014 to 09/2014
May 2014 to September 2014

Type of Work:
Tenant Improvement for Commercial Use

Location of Work:
Avondale, AZ

Project Value:


Scope of Work: Project was directly related to making improvements to a existing residential home and making it ready for use as a commercial use facility. Included demolition of interior, new walls and restrooms, new doors and windows, new electrical and mechanical/plumbing services plus other. Exterior improvemenst included water basins, site walls, pavement parking and curb, sidewalks, new fire line and hydrant and site lighting. Project was a huge success.

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